Dance Break is an ongoing series of videos that explores the importance of intermittent expressive movement throughout the day.

Extended periods of sedentary behavior has been proven by multiple sources to be physically harmful in a variety of ways: back problems, the deceleration of the metabolism, as well as more long term effects that involve the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease.

This series offers a playful solution to these issues. Not only is dance a cardiovascular workout, it serves as a “mental break”. Rhythmic movement is a way to trigger the dispensation of endorphins, which are a natural mood booster, so why not take a Dance Break?

… jk this is just shit we do.



No. 005

No. 004
Play James Blake “I’ll Come Too” yourself, please :)

No. 003

No. 002

No. 001



The Sisters Elefterin are Ari and Zoe . Their work is centered around their mutual interest of exploring the evolution and politics of the human body. While their practice is performative in nature, it often pulls from their training in photography, dance, theatre, advertising, and industrial design. Their work is both physically and conceptually layered; sometimes in the form of thousands of pieces of printed images covering a space, or as an analysis of the nuanced, emotional qualities of skin.